Storytelling workshop by Roger Jenkins

The shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story. -Anthony de Mello, from One Minute Wisdom

Yesterday I attended a storytelling workshop by Roger Jenkins with my chum Joan. The workshop lasted three hours, but I felt it was a little short- those NTUC-ESU folks who did a loooooong (20 minutes! they said 10 minutes!) presentation on their membership card should say their piece before the workshop commenced.

What I liked about the workshop was that Roger started us off with easy tasks- like helping him out in a story. Here’s Joan helping out. I got called a couple of times, too! :D

Joanie and other workshop participants helped out in the storytelling

After taking this picture of Joan (extreme left) I was called out to hold a picture-card of a goat!

Of course, what’s a storytelling workshop without some STORYTELLING? Roger told us plenty of stories, some familiar, all of them fantastic. Being part of the audience, mouth agape, I am reminded once more that stories are magical, and that stories are really about making a human connection.

Roger Jenkins giving a storytelling workshop at Seed Institute

Roger tells the all-female audience a story about a mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law, & a box of green mochi.

That’s about all the photos I took last night- after the break, Roger had us all on our feet and telling stories! I partnered Sherlyn, whom I met yesterday at the workshop, and she was such a sport. One of the exercises had us do a ‘Start – Stop’ where we took turns to tell one story to each other, while Roger changed the stimuli every minute or so. We chose ‘The Gingerbread Man’, and it was good fun.

It was also at the storytelling workshop that I learnt that this year’s SISF will be without a storytelling showcase! Now, that’s controversial. I mean, a storytelling festival without a storytellers’ showcase? Sacrilege!

(Speaking of the SISF, I will be attending two workshops this year- if you happen to be attending too, let me know!)

Do I have to travel to Penang this September for some storytelling action? I am only half-kidding there. I think a long-weekend seaside vacation would be nice, especially since the PINKS festival will be held close to my birthday…

3 thoughts on “Storytelling workshop by Roger Jenkins

  1. Richard Toh says:

    Harli, someone should take picture of you too :) Joan still looks great… Oh how i miss you all :)

    Let me know the next time there’s one of these around.. i’m trying to get on the circuit as well and give you a run for the money :)

    • Harlina says:

      Sure! I was asking Joan if she’d like to join the Storytellers’ Circle (I think that’s what it’s called).

      Heehee give me a run for the money huh! We’ll see about that Richard ;)

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