True story: I used to steal sips from the water-cooler.

Today the hunger pangs started waaaaay too early.

I tell myself- two hours to sundown, two hours to sundown, two hours til I can eat and drink again. It  feels like I’m back in ’93- I was in Primary Two, and still learning how to fast, sometimes stealing sips from the school water-cooler. Once I was caught drinking during the fasting month by my holier-than-thou 8 year old schoolmates, and how I hated their taunts!

Tepak Sireh Restoran

Tepak Sireh Restoran

The first week of Ramadhan has been pretty good to me, we had a couple of family iftars, and one at Tepak Sireh on Friday. It was a send off dinner for my uncle, Wak Lan, who left for Angola on Saturday and won’t be here for Eid. (Boohoo)

Funny thing- when Ryan and I came in to the dining hall, there was a sermon going on so I was like “?!??”. (And there I was, thinking I could properly introduce my beau to the rest of the family!)

We sat at the ‘big people’ table so it was really hard to make knowing eye-contact with siblings and cousins without getting caught. Oh man! Luckily the guy was passably funny and tried his hardest best to engage his flock. His sermon was one of gratitude; reminding us to give thanks for the things that we have, that we’re lucky cos we have plenty, and hey who can take issue with any of that?

Earlier I had fried bee hoon noodles for break fast at home, and my, it was good! Thank you mama!

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