Can one read four books in three days?

I didn’t read four books in three days– I couldn’t, not with everything I was doing over the weekend! I brought Lions in Winter along on busrides, and tried to keep my eyes open at night reading Amos’ diaries, but I only managed to finish Those who can’t, teach on Thursday.

Tuesday was pretty hectic- I had an important deadline to finish, but managed to meet Min for tea at the Coffee Club in Rendezvous- such good timing too, as I may be heading to Hong Kong for work in the next couple of months. Min shared her experience training high school and varsity debate teams in Hong Kong, and I learned everything I know about the HK education system.

Of course it wasn’t just tea; I had a great time catching up and swopping gossip. And if you really want to know, no it wasn’t awkward ;)

Tea and talk! Photo: Min.

The debating gods must’ve been in agreement that day, cos not only did I meet Min (my debate senior), I met An Wen too (jr.)! It was past 9 when Wen picked me up from work- we headed to CBTL in Railway Mall for coffee and it shouldn’t surprise you that I didn’t sleep that night. Not after two pots of peppermint tea and one cafe vanilla!


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