My All-Singaporean Weekend!

"My Heart" Icon by Casey Chen

"My Heart" Icon by Casey Chen

I love that this year’s NDP song is mellow, so I was taken aback yesterday morning when I heard it sung with so much gusto! I don’t blame the nine hundred kids though- there is no way you can sing this song sans feverish fervour, not after belting ‘One People, One Nation, One Singapore’!

In the spirit of National Day, I have assembled an all-out Singaporean weekend for myself-

Later today, JY & I will be attending a talk by eeshaun– I used to enjoy stalking his blog (oops, last time lah, he nair update anymore). He has illustrated a children’s book- The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights!

And I’m looking forward to Zubir Abdullah’s concert on Sunday- I bought the ticket (yes, just one) two months ago, on a whim and a little chutzpah.

What’s a long weekend without a few good reads? Here’s my all-Singaporean reading list-

  1. Lions in Winter by Wena Poon I’ve read (and laughed and teared a little while reading) The Proper Care of Foxes, and I thought hey it’s about time I read Wena’s first book!
  2. The Diaries of Amos Lee by Adeline FooOkay I admit I’ve read both books, more than once. The short on why I love Amos Lee? He’s funny! Plus, young readers haven’t had many Singaporean fictional characters they can relate to – correct me if I’m wrong here- not since The Bookworm Club.Adeline, if you’re reading, I have a little confession- I have a soft spot for Michael (he reminds me of *ahem* someone), can we see more of him in future installments?(Famous Amos has taken to blogging for pocket money!)
  3. Those Who Can’t, Teach by Haresh Sharma

    I’ll be honest- I judged this one by it’s cover! The artwork, together with the words ‘Haresh Sharma’ caught my eye. (Google search results hint that it won’t disappoint.) I bought it because I was kiasu– was worried I would run out of reading material for my all-Singaporean weekend. Sheesh.

I probably won’t be able to read all four books in three days, and thanks to this I don’t have to! Happy National Day weekend, everyone!

3 thoughts on “My All-Singaporean Weekend!

  1. Edwina says:

    i must say.. amongst the criticism(s). i think i really like the one that Electro did as well as this year’s.. “building the nation with our hands” is quite passe because we are basically a developed country… it is time to pledge loyalty.

    • Harlina says:

      Hi Eddy!

      I agree that the message itself is passe, but the old (I mean retro) songs gives me a sense of nostalgia :D

      I think it’s interesting to note that Corrine May, a Singaporean based in L.A., wrote and sang this year’s theme song. I believe this goes in line with the gahmen’s desire to engage Overseas Singaporeans. And I’m pretty darn sure it has something to do with loyalty!

      My all-time favourite NDP song is probably Kit Chan’s Home.

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