The 24-hour Playwriting Competition

I was nursing a sore throat and had four different drowsy-type meds to take thrice a day, but attended the 24-Hour Playwriting competition anyway, and during that time…

I even wrote a play!

For the most part, I think the ailment worked for me, because if I had full faculty of speech, I can imagine myself yakking the night away.

And of course, I was in good company- Jiayuan and Adi are no strangers to the playwriting competition. The two of them made playwriting look easy- Ry and I started writing after the first stimulus, and there they were taking naps, going for walks, cool as cucumbers!

Here are some other things that helped me during the 24-hours:

1. Ear plugs

You may want to cut out the background noise.

I could not listen to Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand egging each other to tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes, reach out to him =_=;

Hearos earplugs, $1.80 a pair from Daisy Rock in PoMo.

2. Arrive early

…to chope the best seats. I didn’t believe JY when she told me how important this is, until we got to the venue 15 minutes after registration opens and I discovered that all the best seats were taken! Never mind the view, because you also have to chope your electric sockets! Arriving early is especially important if you’re participating with a group of friends and want to sit together.

Taxi-fare from Little India to the Singapore Art Museum, to the SAF Yacht Club near Changi Naval Base, $26.00. Price includes taxi taking a wrong turn into SAFRA resorts. (See I told you guys it wasn’t anywhere near there, but you wouldn’t listen!)

3. Sleep

She wasn't at the competition, but isn't she cute?

I started writing from the word ‘Go’ (well, actually from the words ”Don’t be silly; this can’t be right!”  so by midnight I was more than ready to get some shut-eye! Ry, though, wrote through the night so… this is really up to you.

4. Insulation

The air-con was never cold enough, until after midnight when it got chilly. I brought a beach sarong to sleep on, but lucky for me, Ry brought a fleece jacket along (which he didn’t need!). Here’s how insulated I was- I had my jeans on, over my shorts. I had a t-shirt on, and the oversized fleece jacket. I slipped my feet into the orange goodie-bag from one of the sponsors, and I covered my eyes with my towel!

Suffice to say, next time I would bring my pillow, sleeping bag, eye-mask, toe-socks… THE WORKS!

5. No internet

Well there were two open internet connections actually, which my lo-tech netbook detected but couldn’t ride on. That was for the best! : D

6. Stimuli

I don’t think I could have written without them! I remember when the last stimulus -a Chinese temple- was announced, one of the judges asked me if I had problems fitting it in my script. I had my trusty earplugs on that time, but understood what she was asking, and I put both my thumbs up and grinned. She said, “Wow, great! Carry on!”



My biggest take-away from the competition is this- I CAN WRITE A PLAY!

It’s an awesome feeling.


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