In sickness and in health

Here I am, on MC, replying to work-related SMS.

Fifteen years ago, this scenario would not have been possible- a sick person would recuperate at home, under drowsy meds, and if someone from the office wanted to reach her, they would have to call her home. Which they wouldn’t have, because that’s rude isn’t it?

A client won’t be able to reach her, because they’d call the office and the office will tell the client- She’s sick. And that’s that.

Now that we are carrying smartphones, clients can contact us directly, and there is no middle person to say-

“She’s sick. Would you like to leave a message?”

And I am not about to reply-

“Dear Asdfhjkl, I am on medical leave today and am recuperating at home. I will reply to your query in 24-hours.”

So I reply to the slew of SMSes, input dates in my Calendar, add mental notes to my to-do list, and this thought enters my head-

Work-life balance? Pah!

It’s becoming difficult to distinguish between the two, which is not a bad thing if you ask me.

But the pills are starting to make me drowsy, so I will elaborate in another post.


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