I apologise for this shoe-buying rant. I need help!

Buying shoes are a bitch. Firstly, I much prefer Birkenstocks, but how professional do they look at a meeting? Not very professional.

In a bold step towards professionally dressed feet, I eyed a pair of Doc Martens Mary Janes. In black. In my size. Unfortunately, it was not to be, not at Orchard Central where their boutique is, and not at the stores in Peninsula Plaza.

At 12pm today, I decided to throw my hands up and buy a pair of sensible black shoes. Anywhere, so long as they look decent and is comfortable. Behold! A BATA store!

Okay, I see you baulk, cos I no longer go to school, and we all know that maxim- First to BATA, then to school.

I saw a pair. I narrowed in, and at the same time an eagle-eyed salesguy came over and told me he’ll get me a pair in my size. Whoa I didn’t even tell him my size!

Tried them on, kinda tight, got the shoes expanded and was told they will expand after a few wears.

Bought shoe, happy.


Wore shoe out to dinner and OOOOOOOH THAT SHOE IS A BITCH! Called BATA and immediately asked for it to be exchanged.

My boyfriend actually said, “No pain, no gain”. He also said that shoes that are worth it (comfy and long lasting) need to be earned (pain first, pleasures later).

I say: Birkenstocks, and maaaaaaaaybe the WWW for those Doc Martens.


I have a $59.90 exchange at BATA. What should I get that won’t hurt my feet/give me blisters? Input!


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