I’ve been slowly culling the things I no longer use and need, and at first it was hard to part with certain things (musical box that plays La Vie en Rose, sticker sheets from more than ten years ago which reminds me of one of my best friends Jiexi, cos we would spend alot of time deciding which ones were worth buying) but surprisingly, I don’t miss these things.

For the most part, I have long forgotten that I had the music box, the stickers, the souvenirs from my first trip on a plane. But when I unearth them from the depths of my cupboard, all these feelings rush in and I go hey, should I really give them away?

Tough, eh?

But I really am giving stuff away- today, it’s books at the Book Swop, and everything else to the Free Market tomorrow. Anything that isn’t claimed, will go to the Salvation Army.

JY & I have collected men’s clothes for the Free Market tomorrow, and boy do we need transport! We have clothes, caps, and even men’s accessories- all these will be snapped up fast, I am certain!

Many thanks to our friends who gave generously :D


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