Lessons from keeping my room clean AND a plea for men’s clothes

Sunday was spent cleaning my half of the room (so much for watching CSI!)- this involved taking things (including my very heavy mattress) out to the living room, and cleaning the floor cinderella-style. Cleaning under the bed was particularly painful, cos it was dusty and full of things like papers, books, tissue boxes… Definitely not something you want your prospective Mother-in-Law (ditto Grandmother-in-Law) to see!

Yech, forget I ever mentioned that bit about prospective MILs and GMILs viewing my room :S

Here are TWO things I have learnt from that allergy-inducing episode:-

1. A little bit everyday! It would have been alot less painful if I did a little bit of cleaning and organising, every single day! This means putting fresh laundry into it’s place instead of just dumping it in the cupboard.

I am also extending this principle at work, by spending 5 minutes clearing my desk before I leave! (My boss, the King of Kemas [Malay for cleaning-up/organising] would be proud!)

2. More stuff = more space = more cleaning + organising required!

I have alot more things than I thought, and half of these aren’t used regularly- I’m guessing I’m not the only one guilty of this (or did I just say that to off-set abit of guilt? Help me out on this one!).

So I’ve set aside those things (clothes, books, gadgets, craft materials) to share at the next Really Really Free Market.

That said, Jiayuan and I are making a special collection for men’s clothes for the upcoming RRFM (4th July 2010, Sunday, at the Post-Museum).

Here’s the awesome email Jiayuan wrote!

Hi friends,

(Especially those who are men, those who have man friends)

We are collecting men’s clothes and bags, for the Post-Museum’s Really Really Free Market, happening Sunday, 4 July.

The Really Really Free Market is like a Flea Market, but free. We think it’s a cool concept. To lazily quote from Wikipedia, the Really Really Free Market movement “aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way”. Read more about it here: http://tinyurl.com/2ch8qqt

Now, this is the 11th installment of this event, and we’ve been to a couple of them. What we noticed during those time: there were generous donations of both women and men clothing. The male clothings were quickly snapped up by the foreign workers who are around the area on Sunday (Post-Museum’s located in Little India). As you know, most of these folks work really hard for a minimal wage in our country, and a shirt would be really really nice.

Feel free to contribute the following: Shirts, Pants, Bags, Toiletries, Shoes & Slippers. We’re not expecting them to be brand new, but clean would be good.

If you are not free on Sunday, we can collect these items from you on that day itself. Just leave us a message on our Facebook, or email us at the following address: lian [dot] jiayuan [at] gmail [dot] com / harlina [at] gmail [dot] com. We will co-ordinate with you then.

Else, if you’re not doing anything that day, please bring your (own/brother’s/dad’s) old clothes to add to the pile! You’ll also be able to get a free Tarot Card Reading, Business Tips, and many more from the generous service-providers there as well!

(or drop by Mustafa afterwards. It’s really nearby!)

Thank you!

JY & Harlie

Read more about the Really Really Free Market Group here: http://tinyurl.com/2ch8qqt

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Really_really_free_market


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