What can I say?

In a room full of parents and children, a child runs around with scissors in his hand, screaming at the top of his lungs. I look to his mother, expecting her to stop him physically. No? No? (The other parents look aghast)

Stop him verbally then? No luck.

I walk over to the table where the mother is still seated, and take away all the scissors from their stationery tray. My co-worker succeeds in grabbing the boy, and bringing him back to the table. (I think the sentiment amongst the parents was one of relief) The mother hasn’t moved one bit.

The boy is still holding the scissors in his hand, and he waves it about dangerously, and the only thing I could think about was my co-worker’s eyes, and I prayed he (co-worker, not boy) had insurance.

(I stared daggers at the mother’s back)

Does the mother do anything? Clear her throat? Give her son the death stare? a disapproving look?

Nope. She just sits there. In fact, I notice she leaves the room for extended periods of time while a co-worker attends to her unruly child.

Not only is he endangering himself, he is also endangering others, and the look of horror from other parents should have been enough to tell her that.

Should have been.


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