Travelling light

I have always been a bag lady, but lately I try leaving home with less- wallet, handphone, water bottle, umbrella, and one of those cotton grocery bags (folded neatly into a triangle), an A5 notebook and sometimes, a book (I try to leave the thick tomes at home, to be read in bed).

Everything in there has been used this week- except for the umbrella! Sure, the umbrella is small and pretty lightweight (and the icing on the cake? It is a found item! In a bus! On the floor! On CHRISTMAS last year!) but I’m starting to wonder if I can do without it, especially since it’s been HOT all week.

What do you bet that it will rain the one day that I don’t bring it along? :S


One thought on “Travelling light

  1. tareh says:

    YES OFF COURSE!!! when ever i dont bring the umbrella it rains. when i forgot to bring a book, there will be moments / hours of waiting. biasa la. its murphy’s law

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