I! Am! Iron Man!

The Mubsters were at the preview of Iron Man 2 last night, and lookie what I went home with- a torchlight that projects Iron Man!

I CAN HAZ IRON MAN PROWEZ? Manja’s eyes glowing like Iron Man’s palms :p

Chasing after Iron Man.

I wish Nutchy (our other cat) was a little more enthusiastic about the light- unfortunately (but not surprisingly), he was extremely terrified of the light. Poor poopoo!

As for the movie, I liked it! And it didn’t feel long at all, eventhough it ran for 2hrs+. I expect the Vigilant Citizen to write an article on Iron Man 2 soon, cos I identified a couple of themes he’s interested in… or am I reading too much into things? Hmm.

Iron Man is, afterall, a member of the Illuminati.

Conspiracy theories aside, do stick around til after the credits roll, cos there is a something-something at the end! ;)

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