What have you been reading lately?

Stockholm library.

What have you been reading lately? Before I got busy with practicum, I was reading The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, having had read and enjoyed his first novel, The Shadow of the Wind. The Shadow of the Wind had me absorbed and gave me the chills. I read it on the bus, I read it in the lift, I would have continued reading in my sleep if I could. I also forced myself to stay awake, because I couldn’t wait to get to the end.

It is a rare book that could dictate what I do in lifts (I quite literally had that book to my nose!). I’d like to read a book like that again.

This week,

I read a little bit of Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction yesterday- that Sue Townsend sure is clever! She had me snorting in public.

I read James and the Giant Peach, and The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. I read two issues (Jan and Feb ’10) of Spider, a children’s magazine.

So tell me, what have you been reading lately?


2 thoughts on “What have you been reading lately?

  1. sar says:

    im reading my third david sedaris book, “when you are engulfed in flames” :) he is really witty, and occasionally i can sense a tinge of sick humor.

    the photo of stockholms library is jaw dropping. i want to put it up on my fb if it’s alright with you.

    • Harlina says:

      Sure! I kapok-ed it from the internetz, now I can’t remember where :p

      I can’t wait to get hold of that wicked David Sedaris book. Maybe I should put it on reserve :)

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