Sunday best

On Sundays I wake up, read Berita Minggu followed by the Sunday Times, then take a shower (on Sundays I wash my hair and take a little longer in the shower). I put on my green sports bra, a pastel green t-shirt, and blue yoga pants- but don’t be fooled, we are not going for Bikram or Ashtanga or Hatha.

Then I buy breakfast, or help Papa carry groceries (since Mama fractured her feet while missing a step at the carpark, Papa’s been doing the marketing at the Sheng Shiong nearby), one before the other but never at the same time.

At home, I allow myself to eat in front of the TV while I wait for the CSI marathon to start on channel 19. I watch CSI. (I also like Bones)

By the time CSI is over, it is 3pm and more than half the day is gone. Sometimes I nap. Sometimes I read. One or the other but never at the same time.

And now I have to make a hasty exit. I need to go. I’m appropriately dressed not for yoga, but for my massage appointment.

(Afterthought: What an unsatisfying end to a blog entry!)

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