Adrian ah, write some more leh!

I have been looking high and low for my copy of The Teenage Textbook by Adrian Lim, and I know (I just know) it is somewhere. To hazard a guess, I think it is still in one of those boxes of books in the store room- the ones we have been meaning to unpack since we moved in SIX YEARS AGO.

Well, no need to brave the dustbunnies and risk an allergy now, cos while browsing at a used-books sale the other day, I found a well-thumbed copy of said book for cheap! (I don’t know how Adrian will feel about that, if it’s any consolation the copy really is well-thumbed.)

(Also it was published in 1988- omg I was but a tyke then, and my sister Natasha was nought!)

OH and the book automatically flips open to page 119 – basically how to let the object of your affection know of your… undying affection (I know, I need a thesaurus at least).

Whoever owned this book before selling it to a used-books merchant must have succeeded then! ;)

Excuse me while I go book-hunting for The Teenage Workbook. Alas, Adrian Tan wrote only those two novels- I wish he wrote more!


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