Prac over, but guess what?

I was looking through the requirements for my final report, and holy macaroni! sheesh kebabs! nasi kangkang! mee siam mai hum! the practicum supervision is but one hurdle down. Because now it begins! Report writing!

Well, I didn’t mean now now. I meant, after Tuesday, cos that’s my last day at the center. Mushy entry to follow :p But for now…

Walao eh sooooooooo many requirements, die lah.
(Sorry lah I whole day suppress my Singlish oredi)

Eh what am I talking about- I still have video recording to do and one last lesson to conduct on Monday morning. Thank goodness Youjin is free that day to record the whole shebang for me. Hey YJ not bad ah, I used your name and ‘shebang’ in the same sentence, and it didn’t look wrong!

This whole video recording thing has been giving me such a headache. But that’s a story for later, much later.

(Another story for much, much later: how, in the presence of my practicum supervisor, I preached safety to children, but ended up cutting myself with a butter knife. A BUTTER KNIFE! Totally uncool.)

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