It started out with a sneeze, how did it end up like this? (It was only a sneeze, it was only a sneeze)

Countdown: 9 days til practicum

…and I am sick. Sick as a dog. High fever, flu, sore throat- all recipes for a disastrous pre-prac week. Well, at least I didn’t contract HFMD! Keep your fingers crossed!

I have to have to get well by end of today. Lots to do for prac, and a busy weekend beckons!

This week we walked to a gelato shop about 2 km away from the centre. Three teachers, 25 kids in two-by-two’s-hurrah-hurrah. Every 5 metres a calamity! Walking out of line and almost falling into a drain, child picking up fallen flowers from a tree, causing the other kids to go into a sudden halt, crossing roads and junctions with huge trucks carrying construction materials passing by… PHEW! Was I glad when we finally got to the gelato shop!

Promptly asked for an affogato once the kids were settled with their selections.

And then there was the walking back to school part- it was hot, we were all sticky, and the kids (and I!) were getting tired.

I take my hats off in-service teachers. You plan lessons, impart knowledge, taking pains to make sure the children’s learning is interesting and exciting. You care for the children, even those who annoy you. You give so much of yourself- I really don’t know if I can do it 24/7! And yet you do everything with grace and finesse. Something I hope to pick up during my time at the centre…

The meds are starting to take effect. Wish me luck, everyone! Goodness knows I need it :)


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