Practicum looming near, Agora, Semla, really what’s all this hoopla?

My practicum date looms nearer and nearer- in three weeks to be exact! The good news is that I did pretty well for curriculum planning- phew.

The past month, I learnt many things- chief amongst them- to choose my battles. I tried being superwoman, doing everything, but that just made me into a neurotic little witch, so choose I had to. And choose I did. This month and the following month, I will be quite tight financially, but at least you know the world is a safe place :p

(That, and my sponsors know that I am taking school very seriously indeed)

What else? Last night, RJ and I caught Agora- and wow, it is just amazing the number of themes they squeezed into one movie! Here’s something I learnt from Agora, that is still relevant today. The importance of being schooled in an elite institution- just look at them! One became a bishop (who is that cute guy? {edit: Rupert Evans} I want to be in his parish. Also, where got bishop so young one?), the other a politician (oily dude reminds me of someone). They (along with slaveboy Davus) may not have liked each other whilst in school, but camaraderie rules.

And something Hypatia said to Synesius (in the movie, at least) resonates with me. She said, “Synesius, you don’t question what you believe, or cannot. I must.”

(Wow, and you know what? I’m going to leave this part hanging, cos I can!)

Well, I can’t wait for practicum and the report-writing that follows to end! Blogging from now til that fateful day will be few and in between (well, really, who knows? the stress might trigger an increase in blogging activity, but let’s not bet on that because I have not scheduled being stressed-out into my planner!) but until that time, here are a few things you ought to check out!

#1. Ryan’s series on Burying bodies
#2. Semla at IKEA (only til the end of Lent, I think. Also if you know where else I can get Semla in SG, do tell!)
#3. (tagline: recommended inappropriate books for kids)
#4. What Teachers Make
#5. Signs, wonders, and fates fulfilled


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