Goodbye, January!

Time goes by really quick when you’re 1) having fun and 2) working hard.

Dzaki and Ryan at the Lush 99.5fm studio in Orchard Central on Friday

January has been pretty stellar for us- radio interviews, being on the news, recording for TV, etc. On Friday I accompanied the guys to the Lush 99.5 fm studio in Orchard Central for an interview on the ‘Art of Lush’ show with Hossan Leong. It happened to be Hossan’s last day helming the show, and we had an awesome time- that guy is so sharp and gets away with the most biting comments!

(Sadly, he has been posted to a radio station best suited for people with erm no more bite. All gum. [Except maybe to bite the dust {or is that being rude? Sorry.}])

February is set to be faaaantastic. By that I mean craaaazy. I am taking some time off work to do my practicum studies; 31 hours down, only 169 hours to go, with about 2  months left til my practicum sup. comes by and say “O HAI HARLINA, ‘TIS TIME YE BE JUDGED! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”.

Have a good time

I will!

Two whole months of crazy ahead of me- GRIT MY TEETH! I CAN DO IT! What am I talking about? I must do it, or else… OR ELSE! *wags fingers*

Can you tell already, that I am delirious from lack of sleep? You have a good time, I’ll have mine, group meet-ups will be sparse and in between (yu sheng yes, cycling okay, sheesha no), I will update this blog.


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