Please stop doing it like that!

The erratic weather means it’s either raining-too-hard, or too hot-and-humid for us to head out for lunch. Sometimes we walk down two flight of stairs to the Nasi Padang cafe on the third floor. Sometimes we traipse over to the next building for a quickie at McDonalds. But how often can one stomach McDonalds, right?

Subway is two buildings away, but with clever navigating (sans GPS!), we can get there without being exposed to the harsh elements that is Singapore weather (four seasons, you know- hot season, wet season, hot & wet season, and shopping season which lasts all year round. Sorry if you’ve heard this one before! I really do like it.)

Ooh! Why say tile when you can say tessellate!

Ahh yes, Subway. Why do you arrange your cheese slices that way? Ideas, anyone?

(Diagram from buzzfeed via awsm StumbleUpon)


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