DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate journal-writing on toilet seats; I don’t want any of you to get piles :D

Stephanie, Adeline and I at the Bookfest

Stephanie, Adeline, Amos-on-throne, and I

I do, however, advocate journal-writing and free writing :) Just, you know, not on while you’re giving last night’s roti prata a proper send off!

Eugene and I were at the Bookfest on Sunday, for the Launch of The Diary of Amos Lee #2: Girls, Guts and Glory! It was good meeting Adeline again, and putting a face on Stephanie Wong, illustrator of The Diary of Amos Lee, who inked my hand with an Amos Lee stamp :D

(I am a sucker for ‘chop’- this is local slang for ink stamps. And cute stickers.)

The ‘Write like Amos Lee’ workshop and book discussion will be held next Wednesday at the parlour that makes Amos’ favourite pineapple-tart ice-cream. Write to monsters[AT]mutb.com.sg for more information on the workshop!


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