We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas

This week, I shared this book with the Story Craft Jr. students. While it’s a great story on belonging, I had to explain to the kids that it’s probably a bad idea to cut a tree, and transport it to Singapore- carbon footrpint, deforestation, etc.

Which lead to a discussion- Xavier thought it is better to have a real tree, because it smells better. He also said that ‘at least the tree will decompose!’. Chrystal said a plastic tree is hard to recycle (is it? I’m supposed to find out!). YY says everyone in Singapore should do without a Christmas tree- YY’s mum tells her there are enough trees in shopping malls (this made me chuckle).

RX wants it all- he wants a tree that won’t harm the environment, but will still able to hold Christmas decorations. He also wants a tree that he can recycle after New Year, because there isn’t space for a tree in his house!

I was itching to propose a cardboard Christmas tree, but decided to keep my mouth shut :) We’ll see what ideas the kids have next week!


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