3pm Kuih keria (sweet potato donut)

My new go-to lunchtime place is the Hjh Maimunah Restaurant at the Somerset building. I have been going to the Hjh Maimunah at Jalan Pisang for years with family and friends, and was extremely happy to see a Hjh Maimunah outlet ten-minutes away from the office!

After a lunch of rice, urap, rawan limpa and begedil, I ordered kuih keria to-go. These are sweet potato donuts covered in a hardened sugar glaze. Done right, they are a perfect accompaniment to teh-o kurang manis.

I had such high  expectations of the kuih keria (since I had sunk my sweet tooth into an unforgettable one last week), but the above keria was wanting of sweet potato.

The (somewhat) good news is, they were two-a-dollar. The bad news is, I don’t really want to eat the other keria- let’s see if RJ will eat it later…

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