Those were the days

I have had this song in my head for 18 years- the last time I heard it was at my graduation ceremony (yes, I was graduating from childcare). I can still see my school teachers singing this song onstage at the DBS Auditorium. I thought it was the most beautiful thing- them in their skirts and square-shouldered tops, big poufy hair, sandals, just singing.

This evening, RJ sang the chorus. I have kept the tune in my head all these 18 years. I had to go WHAT SONG IS THAT! And then I went Wow finally I know what song they sang!

And how apt that memories of my graduation (yes yes, from childcare) should come now, because these days I am the one  practicing graduation concert items with the kids.

I wonder what they are doing now- Miss Sally Wong, Mrs. Peacock, Auntie (she anointed my sister Natasha ‘Xiao Zhu Zhu’ for being first to sleep and last to wake at nap-time), lao shi…

I look back at my 4 years in Chip Bee Gardens fondly- I liked my peers, I liked my teachers, I had a class pet, in the mornings I would have breakfast with mama and papa at the coffee shop at Holland V (where Subway is now), mama would take me out for lunch every day (cos the food at the centre wasn’t halal), I rarely napped at nap-time and was allowed to read or play quietly, and we went outdoors every day, and at tea-time we sang ‘Thank you for the world so sweet’. My favourite tea-time snack was Koko Krunch. Least favourite was red bean soup *make face*.

We were always making something or other- painting, playing with dough, blowing bubbles, printing our own t-shirts, making cards. There was a lot of cutting, pasting, shaping, colouring. Crafting is, in fact, one of my favourite things to do.

Come January, I will be doing my practicum- I want to provide my students with an experience as rich as mine.

I feel like I have come full-circle.

Anyway, here is the song that my teachers sang at graduation 18 years ago-

I honestly doubt I’ll be meeting any of them in a tavern though!


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