The best advice for the broken hearted also apply to n00b childcare teachers (me, and me too).

I welcomed new children to my class last week, and as expected most cried. This is a stark difference from when I began work as a childcare teacher mid last year, when my class was already settled in. When they cry for their mummies I feel like crying for my mummy too. If you say this out loud you almost-always get the same response- Ms. Harlina you have mummy? But you’re so big. Yes kids despite my height and AHEM stature, I do have a mummy just like you and no I do not live in school.
On the personal front, I have been single for a month now. How do you write such episodes? It’s been tough. I was a wreck.

Being at work helped. When my charges cried for their parents the way I sobbed over my loss, I knew then that I too will be okay. Whatever I believe children are capable of… so too I must believe of myself.

The best advice I’ve received about mending a broken heart also applies to working in childcare- Take things half a day at a time. The half day mark in childcare is after shower time (my achilles heel… but I’m improving!), when the children fall asleep. During my lunch break I make a trip down for some amazing coffee, and the rest of the day seem to go by swimmingly. I wish Dutch Colony Coffee opened earlier!

So many people shared their stories, their wisdom. Thank you for opening up to me; your words sustained me. It is any wonder I completed my Professional Portfolio during that tumultuous time. Speaking of which!

On Wednesday I went for my Professional Portfolio presentation and that, ladies and gents, was the last demand of my degree! Come June, my peers and I will graduate- wear that funny hat and the billowing gown (the rental will cost Too Much I am sure of it), take lots of photos (but no selfie with the Dean onstage, I promise!), and collectively look forward to brighter futures in EC!

As you are

Concert day: Hostess with the mostest

Two Fridays ago, my school celebrated its first year-end concert! It was a cosy affair- we held it in school, and every thing was prepared for and arranged by our team. Children’s performances were appropriate and simple, and we even did away with making them up. The children were themselves and that’s what I loved most- that we presented them as they are. 

Is there a preschool teacher in your life?


Now is a great time to shower them with some extra TLC (tender loving care).

Like with a shoulder rub,  a foot massage, some cute stationery, nice smelling body butter, aromatherapy candles…

Because chances are, the preschool teacher in your life is busy completing portfolios, writing progress reports, making props and preparing charges for the annual concert, and (if enrolled in school) rushing to meet assignment deadlines.

SHOW ‘EM SOME GOOD LOVING! (Below) Lovin’ from my sister- I LOVE POCKY!

Kudos to the former-principal of a PCF childcare centre for reporting the abuse of a four-year old girl to the police. The abuser is now behind bars and ordered to receive four strokes of the cane. (You can read part of the article here, or obtain a copy of The New Paper dated Saturday 12 October).
We must intervene when we see or suspect abuse, to protect the young. In the above case, the child’s mother did not report the matter to the police nor did she seek medical attention for the child. Thankfully, the principal and staff of the school were observant and acted on their suspicions.

It really is me!

Thank you Hana and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for this opportunity! I am humbled to be placed amongst EC professionals more qualified and experienced than I, and I have to be honest- seeing my photo and my name on paper is so surreal! When I first saw myself on the second page, I felt really giddy. So uncool, right? Right.

And yes, I laminated the feature for posterity too! You can read it here.